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레귤러 쇼 (시즌 2) - 위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전

LYONS I’ve just had the call. FRANKLAND I had the honour of meeting Mr. FRANKLAND I thought so. Thought you’d be wearing the hat, though. LYONS I thought you’d know, sir, this being an inspection. This way please, gentlemen. I suggest you remain that way. There are large cages to the right of the elevator and as Lyons leads the way past them, a monkey screams and hurls itself at the bars towards them. Alarms start to blare, red lights flash and the automated security door locks itself. At Baskerville, Sherlock walks swiftly through the security doors and heads for the lift as his phone trills a text alert. Reaching the lift doors, he swipes his card and Lyons does likewise. Sherlock reaches the door and swipes his card, then waits for Lyons to catch up to them and do the same with his own card. BASKERVILLE. Stapleton leads Sherlock and John along a corridor and uses her card to swipe them into the area leading to Major Barrymore’s office. STAPLETON I’m not free to say. We’re not breeding them that clever. BARRYMORE Clearly not Mycroft Holmes. I knew he wanted help but I didn’t realise he was going to contact Sherlock Holmes!

The boys go outside, John grimacing anxiously with an “Oh gods, I really hope we’re going to get away with this! BARRYMORE What the hell’s going on? Looking at the message, he rolls his eyes in exasperation, gazes off into space with a “Good God - what now? I’m never off your website. SHERLOCK Stapleton. I knew I knew your name. STAPLETON I doubt it. STAPLETON (calling after them) Just a minute! SHERLOCK That’s it. (He turns and heads briskly back towards the door, John following behind and Lyons trailing after them.) It’s this way, isn’t it? John and Frankland follow him while Barrymore glares after them unhappily. The doors open revealing Doctor Frankland standing inside as if he has been waiting there for them ever since they met. Barrymore holds out his hand for Sherlock’s ID card, which he gives to him. John walks into the living room past the body in a suit which is hanging by its neck from the ceiling and sits down in his chair, picking up a newspaper. John tries to mask his surprise.

At the far end of the lab, a scientist wearing coveralls and a breathing mask comes out of another room and takes his mask off. Barrymore turns and nods to Lyons, who goes back to the alarm switch and turns it off. BARRYMORE This is bloody outrageous. BARRYMORE Is that right? John catches up to his friend and speaks quietly so that Lyons can’t overhear him. ” expression on his face. Even as she speaks Sherlock has been keeping a mental note of the time and now checks his watch again. SHERLOCK People say there’s no such thing as coincidence. Mycroft Holmes, Major. There’s obviously been a mistake. JOHN Look, there’s obviously been some kind of mistake. JOHN But mostly weaponry? FRANKLAND Yeah. I’m getting a little slow on faces but Mr. FRANKLAND Oh, don’t worry. STAPLETON Oh, you reckon? SHERLOCK 토토사이트 ’re to be accorded every courtesy, Doctor Stapleton. STAPLETON I have a lot of fingers in a lot of pies. We have to be prepared. LYONS They’d have to know how to use that lift, sir.

I know who you really are. Nice. Careful you don’t get stuck here, though. Goodness knows what you’d get up to. He also requested an urgent meeting of the privy council to discuss the airstrike's consequences, and asked what the government was doing to ensure the safety of UK nationals. What dull lives they must lead. SHERLOCK Unless they have help. It’ll all have to go in the report. The opening paragraph reads “The Judge could only look on dumbfounded as the Jury found ‘Jimbo’ Moriarty ‘Not Guilty’. The lift, now on the ground floor, only goes downwa

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